Mirage Margarine

About Us

Our Commitment


Quality, taste and health are always part of our commitment to you. We only use the best and purest ingredients, building trusted relationships with our farmers to bring quality products to market.

Our History

Founded in 1857, Richardson is a family-owned business that is involved in every aspect of the food and agriculture cycle.

From canola processing to food product development, Richardson is an innovative manufacturer of canola-based oils, margarines, and shortenings. Richardson Food &. Ingredients is proud to supply retail, food service, food manufacturing, and industrial bakers worldwide with quality ingredients and food products.

Mirage, the Baker's Friend

Mirage is the margarine of choice for demanding bakers who expect the highest quality and great taste. Made from a blend of soy (85%) and vegetable (15%) oils, this delicious-tasting margarine is sure to bring out the full taste of your favourite dishes.

Plus, with no cholesterol and a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Mirage is also a great choice for health-conscious consumers. Perfect for all uses, and especially baking, Mirage’s light, creamy texture and great taste make it a great addition to any recipe or on your table.


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